Welcome to LUVIT for Lund University!

The LUVIT Learning Management System is a complete system to share web-based knowledge and information.

The environment is created for course participants as well as for educators and administrators in order to create, manage, overview, obtain, administrate and participate in online courses or in online course activities in mixed courses.

This site, the LUVIT Portal, work as a single point of entry to all environments of the entire LUVIT Learning Centre. We are currently running version 5.5 of the LUVIT LMS.

When you have signed in to LUVIT, you will see a pop-up that asks you to fill in your StiL ID (this is the user-ID you use when you sign in to your mail box). LUVIT needs your StiL ID for new functionalities, especially the so called single sign on (where you only have to use your StiL ID - or LUCAT ID - in order to sign in to LUVIT combined with your StiL ID password, instead of your existing e-mail address and yet another password). Please enter it in the pop-up textbox then save. Now you will be able to log on with your Stil-ID/LUCAT.  

If you don't have a StiL ID, please check the pop-up checkbox telling us that you do not want to see the popup again and continue to login with your regular account.

Thank you, we appreciate your help!

LUVIT Administration

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